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updated! May 27, 2016
Best picture i'm going to
take i blink when it
flashes,lol I got a new
digital camera :) i took 4
before this, and said this is
the best i'm going to get,lol
Cute huh?lol as you can see
getting just the right look is
quite challeging,lol  but at
least my eyes  made it,lol
barely!,lol not chinese,lol
Trip to New york Nov 1 2001
Brave eh?loll That was the trip that made me
want to move there my kind of town,loll
For more info on
Leia in her xmas coat,lol
Leia nov 24th 2007 left ,   Leia and Lady my neighbors dog, Leia posing for the camera,lol
RIP Leia 2007-2015  Good times dog, good times! Sweet funny and always entertaining!
Well Since i accidentally deleted this part of my    I'm not about to retype all that stuff loll Basically i have C.P "Cerebral Palsy" and down below you'll
find allot of info about what i like and different websites i like to visit. I'm also a supporter of disabled self- advocacy. The links below are a way for you to know
your rights as a disabled person and where to go for help and support.

Music is deep forest from Natasha.

My List of fav TV shows currently: Discovery ID, Supernatural "eye candy!Jensen Ackles,lol" Revolution, The Voice,
Once upon a time,grimm.

New website! :) Like! :) well to keep from losing all the stuff i had on geocities i just got a domain name. :) so i'll still be on here! :)

Well what a yr! people are sure droping like flys this yr.  I'm still bummed over MJ's death think it's a shame, that someone cared more about money then to save
the man's life by just saying NO!

And Uncle Teddy! Ted Kennedy not my uncle!,lol But I've been calling him uncle teddy since John Jr died
He was a hottie!,lol Anyway!,lol I wrote Ted kennedy after that happen and i got a responce back! that was cool!  :) He went through alot  i can relate! But he did
so much to help me, being black, disabled and a woman, and the way he always looked after his family just made him seem to be a really nice man.  He'll be
missed. 09 people,lol i update below,lol
My myspace page
Oct 18 2010 Back in biz! Check out my T shirts i designed! Updating contents in my store so keep checking in

June 2011.  Got a new nephew :) Born in Feb.  Other than that not to much going on with me. I'm playing the sims 3 on and off because i get bored with it,lol  
I saw xmen: first class that was good, probably will see transformers  and green lantern this week and harry potter when it comes out.  Hi Mike :) whats up?lol
anyway will be add my brother and sis in laws mens clothing store to my links when ever they  give me the details.  Laters! :)
Aug 8 2012,  Next I'm updating my movie review page, for amazing spider man, the awesome  Batman rises, and the i fell asleep on Total recall remake,lol
Attention: I will be on xbox live, playing madden NFL 13, new to halo 4, black ops  II, Warning though im trigger happy so don't move in front of me,lol
Name : Kat PopAngel 36 :) Laters! :)  

Jan 30,2013, Nothing much new been playing The Sims, got all the games i mentioned but haven't played
them too much,  waiting for sims university to come out, tomb raider & Injustice to come out at some point
i might do a lets play on them like on you tube so you can all laugh at me as i get killed,lol

August 8, 2013   Hopefully next yr, i'll have a bf & a house! Optimism :-)

Oct 8, 2013  

Made some Halloween themed tshirt designs. Happy Halloween :-)
shhh loose lips sink ships,lol but i'm still on the case,lol just not posting anything new i know,lol

Nov 27 2013
Happy Thanksgivings Day! :-)

May 28, 2015

Harry Potter time third eye working,lol  Only movie i'm really excited to see this year is Star Wars

July 18 2015 Saw Jurassic Park, Last month,Terminator,and Minions Thurs,cute movie,lol

May 8, 2016 Wow been an interesting 4 months but all in a days work i guess. I love My Teammates my running mate is a
turtle,lol sllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!,lol catch up will ya you missed all the fun
3 somes?lol  love my DM my wonder twin! :-) Next Movie is Xmen Apocalypse. Skipping capt america civil war. Rock duh!lol Told you!lol  Dream Big! peeps!

May 27, 2016 Saw Xmen: Apocalypse, Next maybe Independence Day, Star Trek: Beyond, Suicide Squad.

June 12, 2016 Karma is a Bitch: Attn Ron Weaselly  8 is enough,lol Take care of your seeds,lol Seriously dude!  your soul is murky dude,lol

Aug 6, 2016     
 Singing the Scooby Doo theme song

Aug 12, 2016 Game On! It's Harry Potter Time! You"re Going Down! BITCH!lol

Music Playlist at

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Next Big Thing by T
Trina Streat

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To the right are links to resources and info For people with disabilities and their friends and
families.  Self- Advocacy is the way to make people listen the more of us who show we
know we have rights and know about them we can change the way people view everyone
with a disability.

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April 16th,2013

Special Shout out to the people in  
Boston. Hate can't beat Love. You
showed them that. Don't let them stop you from going to next yrs marathon.
Operation Santa Claws