My Hobbies &
I like going to the movies. I have been
to alot of movies. Things have slowed
down a bit and i'm not going as much.
not alot i want to see.
I Like listening to my CDs
and to the radio. and my
Itunes ,I like Hip Hop, R&B,
POP, Soul, Rock, Adult
contempary, 80's 70's, 60's
music to, basically you can
tell what i like by what
stations i have on at
I started collecting
DvDs A few yrs ago.
Now i have over 170
,with more to go!,lol
Here's a few that i
have. Alladin,Mary
anyther Day, The
Princess Bride, I
Robot, All 3
Terminator movies,
The Bourne Idenity &
Supremenacy, Xmen 1&
2 and now 3 etc... u
can see i like just
about everything. I
usually get the ones
i like at the movies
or seen on cable TV.
But the WORST movie i
have ever seen is
loney tunes back in
action it stunk so
bad me and my friend
regina rolled out of
the movie 30 mins
into it she was
sleeping and i was in
& out myself,lol
wouldn't buy that one
dvd if it was 1 cent
or free!,lol old like
2006,lol just updated
this page 2016
I Also like spending time with
Friends and family, I got 5
nephews 29, 25 & 16, 5, 3 cute
kids,lol  I spend alot of time
with my friends they are
talkative we talk about Life.
Death, the death convo's are
very funny,lol
My friends like to talk and talk
and talk, Me i just listen,cause
i;'m quiet most of the time, i just
say something when it's
important to say,lol I listen
almost til 2 in the morning
sometimes,lol But most of the
time they just like my company
cause i don't run at the mouth,lol
Tv Shows I like, Once opon a time
although it's getting boring now.
Walking Dead, Fear the walking dead. X
games type of sports.  Archer. adult swim
on weekends. Star wars rebels.