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Star Wars Awakens. 5 nice way
to start the new gen.
Deadpool 5 stars funny as
hell.  I loved the potty
humor and action
Hunger Games 4, Good way to start the
The Amazing Spiderman 5, Like the new
Story line.
Batman Rises 5 , would be 100,lol I
really liked the story line  and how they
tied the first movie to this one. Hint:
remember he fell in the well in the first
one ? ;-)
Total Recall 2012, 2,lol i fell asleep in
the theatre watching it,lol wanted to used
my free movie ticket in the 1st place, but
i couldn't use it on opening day grrr! sSo
i blew $7.50 on that mess,lol it had a
nice look and all it was just boring.


Deadpool. 5, A comic book movie for
adults. I loved the humor and action.

Xmen: Apocalypse 5, Very cool nice
visual effects made up for Xmen 3
United,lol easter egg at the end of credits