Trina's Life with
Cerebral Palsy CP
Lets see where do i start,lol
I was born in Dec 4 1975, was 3 lbs 6 oz, was told my dad could hold me in one hand,lol now
that's tiny,lol.  I have an older sister and older brother, Which makes me the baby,lol And boy
did i use that to my advantage,lol  My life is pretty "normal"  I have always been treated normal
by my sis & brother, in fact me and my brother are 2 yrs apart so we had fun,lol We as kids
watched wrestling, g.i joe , he-man, transformers, etc,lol That why i'm more into guy stuff the
girly things,lol
Lets see i started watch wrestling at 4 or maybe earlier than that,lol  So i remember the chief
whahoo mcdaniel, love jay young blood and ricky steamboat,lol the funk brothers,the von
erics, the great kabuki,lol Ivan and Nikita koloff,lol lots more  so me and wrestling go way
back, if fact i used to wrestle my brother, ,lol he used to try to get me in the figure four, and use
the claw, and other wrestling holds on me,lol he killed my poor dolls jumping off of the bed like
it was a turnbuckle,lol and landing on them,lol we had fun,lol  I was a shy kid but made friends
easily most of my friends were boys or tom boys,lol  I went to a special school for kids with
c.p i liked it there but i didn't know any different,lol They gave us therapy OT and PT and
speech once a day and did school work the rest of the day. Along with Art and music classes
& Sports. I cleaned up on ribbons on field day,lol I had a best friend named Walter, we would
wrestle and race up and down the hall way on our hands and knees i was fast as a rabbit back
then, messed my knees up bad, always coming home with holes in the knees of my pants and
always scared up my knees,lol i used to always win,lol he would get mad so, i let him win a few
times,lol I was fast back then, before all those experimental surgeries took their toll and me not
getting the right therapy after them, I haven't moved the same since,lol Lets see had my first one
at 5, next 11, next 19n and last at 22,  but oh well, lesson for parents don't believe everything
doctors tell u sometimes it's better to leave the kids the way they are cause they could come
out worse so do your research and ask,questions on how many kids after have improvement
after surgery as to before surgery, i wish my parents asked questions before they signed me up
for those surgeries. The pain and energy it takes to recover from them aren't worth it and four
surgeries later i'm still in a wheelchair, so if i could go back in time i would've told them to leave
me alone, I always felt like i was a human genie pig anyway and the thing they had on 60
minutes last night prove it,lol those experiments didn't end in the 60's every time a parent signs
their C.P child up for experimental treatment or surgeries their genie pigs. They don't know if
there going to work or not their just using your kid to test it out and hope it doesn't kill them or
make it worse.. So i'm done with surgeries unless i'm dying,lol I stay way from doctors now,lol
they're lucky if they see me once a year and that's only for check ups or meds prescriptions,lol
I went to a regular middle at 11 and high school, I was in shell shock my 1st day in middle
school,lol but i got use to it,lol I made lots of friends but didn't hang out after school, had over
protective parents,they meant well, but it kinda un prepares you for the real world. went to my
high school prom by myself,lol but had fun,lol oh i had crushes on guys but i was too shy and to
cute, boo,lol to date,lol oh well,lol my high school graduation my whole 12 grade class stood
up and clapped for me when i went across the stage to get my diploma, embrassing,lol but it
was cool,lol  So, since then i've been taking classes, got my own apartment in 99 yippy!,lol  
going on trips to the beach and to new york, I still like being by myself even though i've been on
my own for 17yrs i'm just selective about the people i hang around and who i let into my space
so if i invite you over that means i trust you,lol cause it's rare that i have anybody but family
over.  Going to start my own business, working on a book, May get married if I'm asked but
1st need to be asked out on a date,lol Update 2016: About the surgeries only the first one
really messed me up because my heal cords were stretched to much and made them to weak
to stand up and walk normally. I wear high tops to support my ankles because of that surgery.
Try corrective braces first before ever doing heal cord lengthening once you do all bets are off
that your kid will walk without braces. Also the 10 yrs i spent at the CP center is the reason
why me and the majority of people i know who went there are all able to live out of a nursing
home. They taught us independents from day one.....So i always knew i could do anything and
it was expected of us to be independent as possible. Our School symbol was a lions head. So
the answer starts at home how you see your kid is how your kids will do. Early and regular
therapy matters. More than once a week as done in school systems. You get what you pay for.
Medicaid!lol yeah in my day we had both wheelchair & walkers not one or the other lol Not to
shy to date to Strong to date,lol Do i scare you that much guys?lol  The reason why i know so
much. hmmmm Lets see i took shop, and ECONOMICS  in middle school and BUSINESS &
FINANCE & GOVERNMENT in high school which strangely all disappeared after 95 which
explains alot!  thanks for tuning in now don't say i didn't warn you 20 yrs from now,lol