Trip To New York Nov 1st 2001
Driving through Manhattan
After leaving a park and
stopping by a fire deptartment
Me getting ready to go in the
Park forgot which one
Dinner at a resturant
I paid i think 36
Bucks for it,lol Neva
again not encluding
Leaving New
Visiting a fire dept after leaving the
part we drove around the WTC trying
to get down in there but we couldn't
so, we visited and talk to the guys at
this fire Dept.
First night in New York City, We Went to
see the Lion King. Me and my neighbor and
friend Regina. She's always finding trouble
for us to get
Leaving Manhattan after seeing
the lion king.
Here's the Story behind the Pictures. The Church i used to go to have a womens retreat every year and
this one was planned to be in New York.  They had a wheel chair accessible van for me and Regina to
ride in. So we planned this in 2000 and me and Regina paid $160 non refundable for the trip so, after
Sept 11th we didn't want to let all that $ we put out to be for nothing.   It was a 4 day Trip We left that
Thurs  at 5:30 in the morning to drive all the way up there and to make it to the plays later that night. I
napped on and off on the way up.  New jersey isn't much to look at,when your passing through. We made
it up there around 3. p.m and man the drive crazy in new york,lol We got to the mission we were  
staying at, because we were going up there to feed the homeless and talk to the people up there.  That
night we went to see the Lion King Great play highly recommend it. After that we went to eat dinner at
a Nice resturant i wasn't paying attention to the prices close enough and ordered a $36.00 steak with out
tip, Regina stills laughs at me about  The next day we wentg shopping and sight seeing and we
minstered to the homeless ,later that night we went to Madison Square gardens and fed the homeless
there . and me and Regina were riding are wheelchairs  around looking for people to give food outg to
and i started noticing this guy in a bright yellow jump suit following us. Me and Regina started laughing.
we kept moving and so did he,lol But we where safe we had 2 guys walking around with us the drivers.. it
was cool. after that we went back and the last day sat we just talked to people and went to liberty park
and saw the pictures of all the people missing then we went by that fire Dept and talked to them for a
few minutes. and the last day i had to pass on my crown,lol I was the woman of Strengh for the church
the year before and i passed my crown on.  We left Sun Morning and got home around 5 p.m. It was
Pretty Brave of us to go just after Sept 11th But the funny part is Regina would've had me up in the
WTC and the top of the world resturant cause we were going up to the top, we talked about